Saturday, February 16, 2008

99 steps and posts ........

Wow, it's hard to believe I've had over 99 posts since I started blogging. It's been my pleasure to meet a lot of nice people from around the world. I only wish I had more time to visit and share some more interesting topics.

Sorry.........nothing to give away for my milestone except my thanks for your sweet comments and support.

Thank you......................thank you...............................thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

99 things about me. (In no particular order)
  1. I love dogs.
  2. I am not a real blonde
  3. I don't like to tell my age.
  4. I love chocolate.
  5. I love a good joke.
  6. I am smarter than I look.
  7. I don't like my toes.
  8. I lied about my weight on my driver's license.
  9. I love anything with cheese.
  10. I'm not very athletic but I like sports.
  11. I love to listen to Michael Buble.
  12. I like easy listening music.
  13. I never had measles.
  14. I wish I was taller.
  15. I like to draw.
  16. I wish for a "do over" on a few things.
  17. I am kind.
  18. I love my family and we all get along.
  19. I am not terribly sociable.
  20. I am quiet until you get to know me.
  21. I am a good friend.
  22. I don't like dill pickles.
  23. I am chubby. Oh my.
  24. I love to cook when I have time.
  25. I love to decorate.
  26. I like to eat pasta. (Hence, the chubby)
  27. I love a glass of wine now and then.
  28. I like comedies and dramas.
  29. I don't read much.
  30. I'm a visual person.
  31. I miss my dad.
  32. I like being outside.
  33. I don't go to church.
  34. I believe in God.
  35. I don't like mustard on my hot dogs.
  36. I like Las Vegas.
  37. I have to push myself to exercise.
  38. I should go to work today but I don't want to.
  39. I love most flowers.
  40. I'm not a big seafood eater.
  41. I watch the soaps.
  42. I listen more than I talk. Really!
  43. I lead a simple life.
  44. I drive an older car but the miles are low.
  45. I don't use credit cards very much.
  46. I don't know why I decided to do this list.
  47. I watch American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.
  48. I enjoy my blog time.
  49. I don't care for over bearing people.
  50. I am a hard worker.
  51. I can't believe I'm halfway through this list.
  52. I'm not much of a "bs" er
  53. I am honest and trustworthy. (Sounds like a scout)
  54. I don't smoke.
  55. I am fairly neat but not obsessive.
  56. I love magazines.
  57. I like vanilla ice cream better than any other flavor.
  58. I wish I was doing something more creative.
  59. I love Christmas.
  60. I'm good at math.
  61. I get along well with my neighbors.
  62. I have only been married once.
  63. I don't like doctors.
  64. I wish I had more free time.
  65. I like to take pictures at all the family gatherings.
  66. I can sew but don't very often.
  67. I like to decorate cakes.
  68. I like girl scout cookies. (Thin mints)
  69. I like cottage/traditional style.
  70. I have always lived in the Midwest.
  71. I am afraid of spiders.
  72. I won't drink milk after the date on it.
  73. I like all kinds of pretty dinnerware.
  74. I would rather buy decor items than clothes.
  75. I do like shoes.
  76. I don't wear a lot of jewelry.
  77. I rarely wear fragrance.
  78. I like to get my nails done.
  79. I love art fairs.
  80. I enjoy musicals.
  81. I only have one brother.
  82. I am stubborn, at times.
  83. I will stand up for what I believe in.
  84. I always try to vote.
  85. I have 13 nieces and nephews.
  86. I am the oldest in my family.
  87. I'm usually a happy person.
  88. I like antiques but don't have many.
  89. I like to collect wedding pictures.
  90. I like to travel but I'm really more of a home body.
  91. I prefer diet coke over pepsi.
  92. I like to walk my dog.
  93. I like to play in the snow.
  94. I prefer 70 degree weather.
  95. I love to shop!!!!
  96. I love to dig in the dirt.
  97. I wish I'd worn more sunscreen when I was younger.
  98. I'd love to win the lottery. Somebody has to.
  99. I'm glad I'm done with this list!!! You're probably bored to tears.

This is a picture of the 99 steps in St Thomas, VI. We visited here a couple of years ago and believe me, there are 99 plus steps. I huffed and I puffed and I climbed those stairs.........and just after a giant margarita at Hotel 1829! Chubby girls shouldn't try to drink and climb stairs. LOL

Built in the mid 1700’s the 99 steps are actually 103 steps. Built by the Danes, these steps and many others could be found all over Charlotte Amalie and were believed the best way to climb up and down the town’s steep hills. Many historians believe that the stairway was actually a result of impractical planning on the part of Danish engineers who had never been to St. Thomas. The brick used to create the steps were originally brought from Denmark as ballast in the hulls of sailing ships.


Tammy said...

No need for a give~away...I don't know who started that anyhow...or giving things away on your own birthday...I just don't understand it, though I've done it myself just to fit in and that is just my honesty here!

I loved reading your list...we have so much in common...I knew there was a reason I liked ya!

Congratulations and a job well done...I love your blog!!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Loved learning the facts about you and the Virgin Islannds. No, you definitely don't need a give of yourself and that is more than enough!

bj said...

AHHH, NAN...I LOVED reading those 99 things and now, if I may, and you don't care, I plan to do 99 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF as well. You will be surprised at how many things you and I agree on or are alike on.
I want to thank you again for sending the sweet Valentine's Day card. It sure meant a lot to me.
And, the giveaways....I have gone waaay over a hundred posts and not had a giveaway. I might do one, later, if I can afford it but if not, it is no big deal to me at all.
hugs, bj

Anonymous said...

After reading your list I now know we are very much alike. And hey, my baby sis wants to vote for Uno for president!!! Christy :-) <><

Meggie said...

Loved reading your list, Nan. It's nice to know the little things about blogging friends. Unfortunately, we don't have the personal time to learn such things, so thanks for sharing. I didn't have a giveaway for my 100th post either.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Loved reading those 99 things! Learning about fellow bloggers is fun. Have a great day.
Hugs, DebraK

Classic Charm said...

Nan...first of all congrats on your 99th post! And wow what a list....but I really enjoyed reading it and learning more about you, and finding that we have a lot in common...

LauraS said...

Congrats on the milestone! Here's to many more wonderful posts!

- Laura

Jackie said...

Loved your 99 things about yourself. I found them very interesting.

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Nan,
"CONGRATULATION'S" on your milestone of blogging. I think tomorrow will be my 100th post. I can't afford no Giveaway myself. I enjoyed reading the 99 things about you. We have a few in common as well. I love the 99 steps that you had to climb. I wouldn't have made it to the top. LOL. I be on the chunky side here. I would be doing more than huffing and a puffing. LOL. I wish you many more years of blogging. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

PAT said...

Congratulations on your 99 posts, Nan!

My one year in blogland is coming up and I've been up and down on whether to have a giveaway. Although I do have an extra copy of a book, that I think folks might enjoy. Still thinkin' on it.

I love your list. You and I have a lot in common!


Susie said...

Hi Nan,
How fun to read 99 things about you! I can see we have quite a few in common..
Thanks for your visits and prayers for Grandpa..

Janet said...


That was fun. Seems like a lot of us have many things in common ( that chubby thing seems to pop up more often than any of us would like:) for sure. Sometimes I swear I feel myself widening while sitting here reading!!