Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentines Day- celebrate or not?

I know I'm a bit early but I was wondering....... do you celebrate Valentine's Day at your house?
The cards above are made using quilling papers. Do you remember quilling? I used to decorate wedding invitations with flowers and leaves made from the papers. These look even easier.

We don't do a lot for the day but we get each other nice cards and I usually make a special meal. My H likes steak so.........probably a nice filet with some twice baked potatoes, asparagus, or salad. For dessert, I often use my heart shaped cake pans or make creme brulee. I thought these cup cakes looked like an easy treat using red hots to spell out X's and O's.

Images from Martha Stewart Living.


Janet said...

We are usually just the card and a better than normal dinner. Nothing too flashy!

Marcela said...

Beautiful cards Nan!!!
We usually go out for dinner , and buy a present, and also a card!!!

Have a great day!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Nan,
Those are some beautiful cards. I can't say that I remember quilling. I never even heard of it. LOL. Oh well, I learn something new everyday. We don't go all out for Valentine's Day. If we have the money, we usually get the girls something. Sometimes me and DH may go out to eat for Valentine's Day. It all just depends on how much money we have or if he is at home. Sounds like you have a nice and romantic dinner planned for your DH. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Terri and Bob said...

Bob cooks (he's awesome!) and I hope for a little present but that doesn't always happen!

Carletta said...

Definitely celebrate!! Actually it is my birthday so I usually get double the attention. I was born with red hair and my Mom always said that was why.I decorate with all kinds of things I've found over the years, even dishes. My husband always buys roses and balloons and bakes a cake with cherries and of course I get presents, usually jewelry for the Valentine part. I make cards for my friends and make up little candy presents for them and my kids. I'll post some pics that day for everyone to see.And, I better start those cards. Yours are beautiful!

Tammy said...

Back in the day hubby would pick up a trinket for V day but we just go out to eat anymore...our favorite passtime...LoL!

bj said...

Hi, Nan...what beautiful cards and cupcakes. Yum...I think I will do these for V. Day. I usually do a heart shaped cake but these are so special looking...and the grandkids would love them.
Bill usually buys a large, heart box full of candy and I love it! So traditional and romantic to me.
hugs, bj

Meggie said...

Yes, I celebrate Valentine's Day! I love the cards, candy, flowers and all that go with the day.

Classic Charm said...

We usually exchange cards, and hubby usually brings me flowers..and a special meal too. Those cards are lovely!

Nan, thanks for the info on the backsplash.

BittersweetPunkin said...

We exchange cards and we get candy for the kiddos....thats pretty much it!

Adrienne said...

We celebrate much like you do. We exchange nice cards and have a special dinner. Since my father died we usually include my dear little mother in our dinner at home(against her protests!) because she's so alone that day. We always tell her that Valentine's is about love - and we love her! ~Adrienne~

Linda said...

Hi Nan, love the cards. I remember quilling, wish I knew how to do it.
I love the holiday. We do cards and a small gift. Somtimes we go out for dinner but I really like to fix a special dinner and dessert. I have the same cake pans and most of the time I'll make a cake....I love hearts so it's a wonderful time for me. I like the hugs and kisses cupcakes too. Have a great weekend..Linda

Janet said...


Could you send me your e-mail please? I typed a response to your comment on today's post and the realized I don't have your e-mail address.


Jackie said...

Those cupcakes are such a good idea. I love it. The cards are lovely. I have never done quilling but looking at those cards it is something that interests me.

bj said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to StarBright...just to let you know that I made these cupcakes with the Red Hot X's and O's for my grandkids today. After I put them on a large tray, I scattered the tray with Valentine's candy and I will take them out to the kids this afternoon, after school.
Thanks for the great idea...
hugs, bj