Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a week......................

I am looking forward to the weekend! Gotta be better than the rest of this week.

Thursday night:
Bowling night.
Bowled like crap. We lost all our games. Boo hoo...........

A winter storm is expected tonight and into the commute time tomorrow.

Wednesday night

Had to attend a funeral. Freak accident happened to the brother of my H's aunt.

A 71-year-old man died after he apparently fell off a small tractor being used for the first time while working for the County Fish and Game Association, according to police.

The man may have fallen off the tractor or may have been checking the area of the mower deck when he was run over by the machine, according to the police report. The mower was not engaged, police said.

A neighbor noticed the tractor on top of the man and called for emergency services.

My husband's BD was today. We just had a quick dinner at Applebee's after the funeral. Not much of a celebration.

Tuesday night:

A heavy wind, rain, and snow storm blew through the county Tuesday night, leaving behind a trail of destruction. According to a press release , the storms were a part of a quick moving squall line that caused straight line wind damage in many areas across the central part of the state.

This was about 5 miles from us. Not to make light of this husband immediately unplugged his new TV. I lit some candles in case we lost power. It was a relatively short storm but some very scary winds.
Edited to say that was NOT our house that was hit by the winds.


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Nan,
I do hope that you will have a better day tomorrow and a good weekend. "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to your hubby. Glad yall got to go out and have dinner together. Sorry you lost your bowling game, but I'm sure yall had fun anyway. I'm also sorry to hear about your hubby's Aunt's brother dying. That is such a sad story how he died. He probably didn't suffer much tho and that can be a good thing sometimes. Wow, those straight line winds can do just as much damage as a Tornado can. Yall must have gotten what we did the other night. We didn't get any Snow here today. Oh we saw a few flakes mixed in with some Sleet and rain. It mostly rained all day. They even let School out at 11:30a.m. For what reason, I really don't know. It did like it has in the past, gone all around us. Take care my friend and have a great evening. Be careful in the morning on the morning commute. I will be saying a prayer for you as you travel to work in the morning. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

((hugs)) Nan....sounds like a god weekend to recoup. Next week has got to go smoother :-)

bj said...

Good Heavens, Nan...your week does not sound very good at all. Seems some weeks are like that.
The story of your hubby's aunt's brother reminds me of a movie I saw last week or the week's called Man In The Moon and was such a sad yet sweet story...
Hope the weekend will make up for the hard week.
hugs, bj

Janet said...

Stay snug and maybe eat a lot of chocolate to help recoup from last week and energize for next week!

Anonymous said...

Nan, is that your house??????
I am thinking its not. but i want to be sure. the one with the tree problem.
Have a great weekend. Sandi

BittersweetPunkin said...

It has been a weird week for me as well...hopefully the next one will be better!

I love your guest room btw....

Linda said...

This was a hard week for you, the new one has to be better.
You have a lovely guest room. Very inviting with lots of special touches....I know I'd love to visit and stay in it. Hope your weekend is the begining of a happier week. Linda

Classic Charm said...

Funny you mention it, I had a rough week too, and those winds were downright scary! I was home alone with the boys as my husband was working overnight...and boy I kept looking out the window to make sure the house was in tact. And a busy week at work too didn't help matters.

Happy Birthday to your hubby, and so sorry to hear you had to attend a funeral.

Wishing you a much better week! Love your guest room too, it's just beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Well, next week HAS to be better! I know you'll be glued to the NEW BIG TV Sunday, probably w/ friends. We will be at a friend's house, where there is a BIG TV and lots of snacks. Hope you have a great w/e! Christy :-) <><

Sunnispace said...

oh my goodness - what a week, indeed! Yuck... Hope you have a much better weekend, too!! said...

Wow! You all had some bad winds!! Whew! I am glad you were okay! Sorry about Aunt's brother... This was sad... Sounds like your week was a mess like ours!! I am SO tired of being sick!! Thanks for your visit today! I haven't been out and about much either visiting like I want too!! Please take care and I hope you have a nice weekend.. Love and Hugs Grams

Natasha Burns said...

oh what a shocker of a week!!!! Hope the weekened doesn't come up with any nasty surprises for you!

Anonymous said...