Thursday, November 29, 2007

12 days of Cookies

I received my first cookie recipe from Food Network yesterday. It's not too late to sign up for them to e mail new recipes to you. I'm always looking for new ideas. Click on underlined cookie to go to their site.
Almond lace cookies were day 1.
Anything drizzled in chocolate is great in my book!

Do you bake cookies with friends or family? I bake cookies with my neighbor friend and her daughter. I think we had 15 different kinds last year. The husbands kept passing by the kitchen and sampling. LOL


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Nan,
Wow, I just got my first cookie recipe this morning as well. I always love getting them. I'm not a baker myself, but I do enjoy getting them. I am the one who wants the easy stuff. LOL. I'm more of the cooking type. These cookies do sound good tho. I have been getting these recipes for a few years and always enjoy reading them. I am a BIG Food Network fan. I keep my t.v. on there all the time. I would so love to meet Paula Deen and Rachel Ray someday. Well, take care my friend and have a great Thursday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Janet said...

I posted my two easiest and most popular Christmas cookies last night. Come on over and have a snack. Coffee or tea?

bj said...

Oh, yummy. These look so pretty and soooo good. I love cookies and so does the rest of my family. We usually have one day during the early Christmas season that some of the granddaughters and I bake cookies. They especially love the red and white or green candy cane cookies and they are one of my favorites, too. Sugar glazed with almond flavoring and they are just PERFECT for dunking!
I am going to sign up for the recipes right now. Thanks for letting us know.
happy day, bj

bj said...

I just signed up for the 12 days of Cookies and am excited to know I'll get a new recipe every day.
Thanks again!