Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coffee table for Cindy

Cindy of My Romantic Home asked us to post what's on our coffee tables. Here is fall & summer from this year. I love to change it often, too. I really want new tables but these will do for now. I do love my cloches, though.


bj said...

oooo, Nan, this is so pretty. I LOVE your table and all the things on it. You have such a lovely home.
OH, and be sure to come by my place...I have something for you!!

Suzy said...

I want to welcome you to this great community of great, inspiring and very creative women, you will see. I am new at bloging too and I hope you will have lot of fun.
I like your table it gives so many decorating possibilities.

Suzy said...

I have added you as a friend on my Blogs I love. Hope you don't mind.

T*mmy said...

How very pretty, makes me wish I had a coffee table!

Please come by my place today as I have awarded you! =)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Very Nice :-) That would be a great solution for me with all my cats to have a "shadow box" display area in my coffee table.....then they couldn't knock things off!

Anonymous said...

Nan, this is awesome! Great w/ being able to dust and keep the beautiful arrangement. Christy

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh that is so pretty. I love your cloche!