Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome to my porch!

Welcome to our porch. The place where we greet friends, enjoy a cool drink, and solve all the world's problems.
I love to decorate my windows and my porch.

This guy greeted the trick or treaters this Halloween. Some of the kids even had their pictures taken with him. The little ones kept their distance.


bj said...

If you remember, I had his girlfriend over at my house, sitting in my porch swing, just waiting for this tall, dark and ....well, maybe not HANDSOME but .....ok...interesting, anyway! lol
Your porch is just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nan, your porch is so pretty! I love the white pumpkin. What does it say?? We leave for FL tomorrow, maybe see Suzie and her new house. If not this time when we go back in January. Christy427

Nan said...

Christy, my pumpkin says "The witch is in". LOL

hthrrue said...

Now I know your name :) I like that song at the beginning. The whole blog is really cute and well, Bailey make it even more so! You and I share the same taste in movies. I love anything Meg Ryan did pre-breakup with Dennis Quaid. Not because of that (maybe a little), but except for that one romantic comedy she did... Can't remember the name. Anyway, I love how cute this is :) Heather