Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Name

A few days ago, T*mmy @ Gentle Retreat challenged us to go to and search for a book title that came up with our name. I posted "Fancy Nancy". But how could I forget Nancy Drew? I read them as a child. Last weekend, I was roaming through a local antique and flea market. Someone had their entire collection for sale. All 56 volumes. Well, I almost bought them on the spot, remembering my love for them as a child. I didn't buy them, but I'm tempted to go back and make an offer.

Anybody else read them as a child?

Anyone that wants to take the challenge and hasn't yet, GO FOR IT!


Sherry said...

Oh soon as I saw that cover, talk about fond memories flooding back!!!! I LOVED those books (and have 2!) cousin had them and would loan me her copies to read. I did purchase one (they were expensive then and I generally didn't have enough money for buying books...I was always at the library!) and then about 3 months ago, the local library had one on it's sale table..I was stunned. Bought it for all of $1!!!

Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

Oh, this book brings back memories. Pretty home decor photos. Your porch is lovely.

Mary said...

I read every Nancy Drew book I could lay my hands on and finished the original 50. I know there were a few others after that, but was getting too old for them I guess. I have read them as an adult. Grandma always gave me a Nancy Drew book for birthdays and Christmas and I looked forward to receiving them. Books were scarce in my day. We didn't even have a school library - just shelves along the wall.

Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.


Faith said...

I too loved these books as a girl. I couldn't get enough. Now I can't even remember the last book I read. I think it was one in the "Left behind" series when I was pregnant with my now 7 year old. Pretty sad. Great Blog!!!

Janet said...

OMG, I read every Nancy Drew that was around when I was young. I loved Nancy, George, Bess and of course Ned Nickerson. I keep thinking I should collect the old ones, but do I really NEED them? Did you read Trixie Beldon or Cherry Ames? Can you tell I was an avid reader as a child? Still am.

Nunnie's Attic said...

My sister read all of these books and I remember this cover very well. For some reason I did not read them. I was more of a Judy Blume girl. But she loved Nancy Drew. Thank you so much for the memories.


sa said...